Patients assigned to a BACH/Fort Campbell Medical Home may walk-in to receive their flu vaccine
8 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday-Wednesday and Friday.  For after hour options, go to DVIDS or BACH's Facebook.

Health Services

Soldier Recover Unit

The Fort Campbell Soldier Recovery Unit Complex supports Soldiers during their transition, either to return to active duty or to return to civilian life as honored veterans. The program establishes a single entry criteria for all service components. The single entry criteria allows medical and administrative resources to concentrate on Soldiers with complex case management requirements. Single entry criteria is defined as a Soldier who has, or is anticipated to receive, a profile of more than six months duration, with duty limitations that preclude the Soldier from training or contributing to unit mission accomplishment; the complexity of the Soldier’s condition requires either clinical case management or the Soldier’s psychological condition is evaluated by a qualified licensed medical or behavioral health provider as posing a substantial danger to self or others if Soldier remains in the parent unit. Soldiers will be assigned to platoons within the SRU depending on the primary focus of their recovery at that time. Staffing and services are concentrated in the platoons based on this focus. 

Soldier Recovery Unit


2443 Kentucky Ave.
Fort Campbell, KY 42223



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