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Patient Resources

Patient Administration Division

The Patient Administration Division (PAD) at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital provides patient administrative and support services for all DoD beneficiaries. As the “Cornerstone of Concerned Healthcare” our mission is to provide the most complete and immediate customer service at BACH. We are constantly adapting new ways to improve your patient care while stationed in the Fort Campbell area.

Division Chief and Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge

The Patient Administration Division Chief and Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge provide the following services to patients:

Benefit Extension Programs
Secretary of the Army Designee
Medical Records Amendment requests
Language Line

Admissions and Disposition (A&D) 

Our services are provided to all our beneficiaries who may be having surgery, experiencing an upcoming delivery or during emergencies. Once you have received notification of your upcoming surgery, stop by the PAD office to start your pre-admission process. The pre-admission process is also needed for obstetric care. Please bring the pre-delivery documentation provided by the Women’s Health Clinic for pre-admission and complete the Tennessee birth certificate worksheet.

During the pre-admission or admission’s process, you will receive information about your Patient's Rights and Responsibilities to include your right of having an Advanced Medical Directive. If you have an Advanced Medical Directive, it is important to keep a copy in your medical records to fulfill your medical wishes. Please bring the original copy to Outpatient Records located on the first floor (see Medical Records) to be uploaded into your electronic health record (HAIMS).

All Retirees and their Family members will be requested to provide or update information regarding secondary form of medical insurance by filling out a DD Form 2569 (Third Party Collection Program-Record of Other Health Insurance) once a calendar year. 

Any civilian who receives emergency care in the Emergency Center will also be asked complete this form, covering medical services provided by our Health Readiness Platform.

Patient Accountability Branch

The Patient Accountability Branch provides the following services to patients:

Admissions and Dispositions
Vital Statistics
Birth Certificates
Patient Registration

Secretary of the Army Designee Program for maternity patients
Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity
Death Certificates
Line of Duty
Patient Transfer/Air Evacuation

Medical Records Branch

The Medical Records Branch provides the following services to patients:

Correspondence: Personal Records Requests
Correspondence/Legal Records Requests

Third Party Collections & Treasury, Uniform Business Office

The Uniform Business Office provides the following services to patients:

Treasury Office
Third Party Collections Program

Patient Administration


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