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Vital Statistics

Birth Certificates

Once your baby is born, the Vital Statistics Representative will visit you prior to being discharged (to exclude federal holidays) to finalize the live birth certificate. This will help ensure we have the correct information and spelling on your child’s birth certificate.  If you are discharged over the weekend or holiday, stop by the Vital Statistics Office the following business day to verify the information on the certificate and pick up your copy of live birth certificate. Certificates from BACH are filed with the State of Tennessee at the Nashville Office every 24 hours. Once your certificate has been filed, and you see that you need to make a change or correction, you will need to do an affidavit with the Vital Statistics clerk. This could delay the readiness of your certified birth certificate for up to five (5) months. You have up to a year to make changes or corrections to the certificate, after one year, you would need to do a legal name change.

When we provide you your two (2) copies of the live birth certificate, we will also provide instructions on how to order your certified birth certificate, the Social Security Card, and how to register your newborn into DEERS and TRICARE. You will be given thirty (30) days from the time of delivery to enroll your newborn into DEERS and TRICARE. The newborn's sponsor must be present at DEERS and have a copy of the live birth certificate to enroll your child. If the sponsor is not available at the time of DEERS enrollment, the dependent must have an appropriate Power of Attorney. Please contact Fort Campbell’s ID card facility for DEERS questions. It is located in building 2702 Michigan Ave. within the Soldier Readiness Processing Buidling. Hours of operations are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m, and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Although BACH initiates the birth certificate, BACH is not a certifying agent for the state of Tennessee. We do not produce birth certificates or keep birth certificates on file. Inquiries about births on Fort Campbell from 1982 to the present must be made to the Tennessee vitals office at:

          Tennessee Vital Records
          1st Floor, Andrew Johnson Tower
          710 James Robertson Parkway
          Nashville, TN 37243
          (855) 809-0072 or (855) 809-0072

If you were born on Fort Campbell before 1982, you must contact the Kentucky vitals office at:

          Kentucky Vital Statistics
          275 E. Main St.  E-A
          Frankfort, KY 40621
          (502) 564-4212

Beneficiaries who deliver at a civilian healthcare facility must contact DEERS/ ID card facility and TRICARE South for enrollment of your child with a Primary Care Manager. Beneficiaries also need to contact the Admissions and Dispositions office for CHCS registration.

Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity

The BACH Vital Statistics office can help you file your Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity (VAoP) paperwork after you give birth, free of charge. This can be completed prior to discharge as long as the biological father is present and can sign the paperwork. Both parents must have a valid government issued ID card to verify identity. If this paperwork is not complete within 10 days after the birth of the child, the vitals clerk must file the mother’s copy to the state and the parents must amend the birth certificate on their own and at the parent’s expense. 

Secretary of the Army Designee Program

SOAD has determined that for pregnancy, continuity of care occurs after a woman has been seen in Army OB Clinics for at least five months. At this point, some provider/patient relationships have been established and is best to be continued. However, if for example the patient has been seen for 20 weeks or less, she will have been seen in an OB Clinic only once or maybe twice; the rationale is that there is considerable time remaining with which to establish an appropriate provider/patient relationship outside the Army healthcare system. The bottom line is that SOAD approval criteria are based on continuity of care and not length of gestation. Each facility is required to screen all future SOAD requests for pregnancy to continue providing care at the approving facility.

NOTE: Some further consideration may be given in a case where the pregnancy is high risk and it might be difficult to find an accepting physician to take the case.

This program covers newborns who are born to unmarried dependent daughters for the birth of their child per approval. The patient will be counseled at the OBGYN clinic to report to the Vital Statistics office to fill out the required paperwork to receive coverage under this program. The patient and sponsor have to fill out the required documents to be processed by the vital statistics clerk for the hospital commander's approval. Please understand that the SOAD program is an exemption to policy and is not a right or a guarantee for the patient and the sponsor. Failure to complete the required documents for approval will result in a bill to the sponsor for payment.

Obstetrics Care for Former Service Members with Proof of Pregnancy Existing Prior to ETS

If a Soldier is pregnant prior to her ETS date, she is entitled to medical care (pre-natal, delivery, and one post-natal check-up each for mother and baby (usually at six weeks), this must be stated on the Soldier’s DD 214. The newly civilian expectant mother should go to the closest military medical treatment facility to her new home to apply for these benefits. She will need to provide a copy of her DD Form 214, both long and short versions, and proof that the pregnancy existed prior to her ETS date. She will be provided a letter which explains her new benefits and which will be her ID to receive care at that facility.

Descendent Affairs

Through the difficult time of a loved one’s passing, the Vital Statistic office will assist the next of kin with the required documentation to receive the death certificate and provide information about options available for the release to a funeral home of choice. 

Vital Statistics

Birth Certificates


650 Joel Drive, Room 2BK04A
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